Joomla and PHP7

Joomla 3 version start supported PHP 7, that  reduce  loading time of the page by 10 – 30% on average. If the web server could handle 100 requests per second with PHP 5.6, then the same web server can handle 200 – 300 requests per second with PHP 7.

Class Suffix in Joomla

When Joomla! generates a page, it automatically creates pre-defined CSS classes to allow styling of the page. For example, a page might have the element.  A Page Class allows you to add custom CSS to individual pages. This makes it really good for styling landing pages or particular important pages. Module has same Class Suffix functionality.  Setting this parameter causes Joomla! to either add a new CSS class or modify the existing CSS class for the div element for this specific module.

URL Encoding

URL encoding converts characters into a format that can be transmitted over the Internet. These characters include − ASCII control characters, Non-ASCII control characters, Reserved characters, Unsafe characters. The URL is the address of a web page, like:

Joomla Template Editor

Joomla 3.x offer very powerful Template Editor, available within the admin panel. The Template Editor allows you to edit your template directly in your browser. This is helpful and in case to fix/edit  small issue could be faster than editing files using ftp. Lets talk about this incredible Joomla! option.