Clear Cache vs. Clear Expired Cache

The are two options in Joomla to clear cache files from the cache folders if enabled under the Site Global Configuration settings.

  1. Clear Cache – This tool will delete all Cache files from the cache folders – including current ones – from your web server.
  2. Clear Expired Cache – This tool will purge all expired cache files from the cache folders.

So, what the difference ?

Joomla Global Check-in

Allows Administrators to “check-in” or unlock items currently “locked” whether they are in-use by other users or the item wasn’t closed properly.

Selecting this menu option allows Joomla! administrators to perform a global check-in of all currently pending or locked items. It then shows the results of the Global Check-in. This is useful, for example, if an Article is locked by a User who opened it for editing and never finished the editing session. In this case, other Users are not able to edit this Article. Performing a Global Check-in releases all such items.

Joomla! Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is one of Joomla! 3 improvements which can and will improve security. This is because by enabling two factor authentication, it is practically impossible for a hacker to use a brute-force attack to guess the details of your Joomla! username and password. This is particularly important for the administrator part of the website, which ensures that attacks which try to guess your password can never be successful.

Setting mail in Joomla

If you have not made any custom changes during the installation, your Joomla will be set up by default to use the PHP Main function to send email messages. The settings can be modified via the Joomla admin area -> Site -> Global Configuration -> Server. The corresponding settings are found under the “Mail Settings” section.