How to use cache in Joomla

Usually, the same content is displayed over and over to everyone who visits your site. Caching can speed this up by storing some or all of the information your code generates in a file and returning it when needed.

How to enable/disable cache in Joomla

    1. Log in to the Joomla Admin Panel
    2. Go to System  -> Global Configuration -> System
    3. Click on Cache in Cache Setting.
    4. You’ll see an area called Cache Settings with three options:
        • OFF – Caching disabled
        • ON – Conservative caching
        • ON – Progressive caching

      Conservative caching: Allows  to choose which modules are cached. You can login to each module and enable it individually. Conservative caching is better for frequently updated sites.
      Progressive caching:  Affects all modules and overrides any cache settings inside individual modules. Progressive caching is better for sites that don’t update very often.

    5. Select your option.
    6. The Cache Handler can only be set to “File“. Joomla actually offers more options , but it takes advanced users to enable this, with additional plugins and set-up.
    7. Select Caching Time. The default is 15 minutes, but for sites that are not updated often, you could set this much higher.
    8. Platform specific caching – Use this option when you offer device-specific content.  The most users don’t need this option, also if you are using CSS to hide things with classes like hidden-phone.You can enable/disable cache in module.
      Use Global: cache this module if Progressive or Conservative caching are enabled.
      No caching: don’t cache this module if Conservative caching is enabled.
    9. Click Save


 System Cache Plugin

It takes snapshots of entire pages including everything – component, modules, plugins and a template. It is the fastest, the widest and the least flexible approach of all caching options.

    1. Go to go to Extensions -> Plugin .

    2. Find System Page Cache
    3. Enable it.

Note. This option can override some global cache settings.


How to Clear Cache in Joomla

  1. Go to System->Clear Cache
  2. Select All
  3. Click Delete All
  4. You can select individual cache and click Delete button.


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