Joomla language override

In this tutorial we will show how to use  language override Tool in Joomla 3.x.

There are two options how override constant in Joomla.  First by editing language ini files, second by using Joomla language override tool.

We are going to change “read more” button in the blog section :

How to override Joomla constant through language files.

Step 1.  In the top menu click on Extensions than Templates.

Step 2. Select Templates option in the left menu.

Step 3. Click on “Template name” Details and Files.


Step 4.  You have to edit appropriate language file, in our example for German : Click on Language => de-DE => de-DE.tpl_as002084.ini  file.

Step 5. Find and override “read more” constants and click Save button.



In case you didn’t find appropriate language ini file, you can use Joomla Override Tools or option 2.

How to override Joomla constant through Override Tool.

Step 1. In the top menu click on Extensions than Language(s).

Step 2. Click on Overrides in the left menu.

Step 3. Select Language from the Filter drop down menu. ( In our example German (DE-CH-AT) – Site ).

Step 4. Click on New button.


Step 5. You can make an override using Value or Constant. Let’s search for value read more. You have to use the specific language constant in order to create an override of the value.
Therefore, you can search for the constant or the value you want to change with the search field below.
By selecting the desired result the correct constant will automatically be inserted into the form.

Step 6. Set the desired text in the text field and click save.


 You may use the Save & New button in case you need to save this override and add a new one.




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