Clear Cache vs. Clear Expired Cache

The are two options in Joomla to clear cache files from the cache folders if enabled under the Site Global Configuration settings.

  1. Clear Cache – This tool will delete all Cache files from the cache folders – including current ones – from your web server.
  2. Clear Expired Cache – This tool will purge all expired cache files from the cache folders.

So, what the difference ?

Could not instantiate mail function

If your Joomla server does not support the php mail() function and Joomla attempts to send an email (such as a new user registration email), any of the following message may appear:

  1. Could not instantiate mail function.
  2. The mail() function has been disabled and the mail cannot be sent.
  3. Registration failed: An error was encountered while sending the registration email. A message has been sent to the administrator of this site.