Invalid Parent ID error

When saving a new or existing article you receive the following error message

Save Failed with the Following Error: Invalid Parent ID

This issue appears to be caused by corrupted categories.
The solution is to rebuild the menus, categories and replace the category parent item.

To resolve this issue:

  • Go to the Menu Manager – Click on Menus, Menu Manager, Click on the ‘Rebuild’ button
  • You will see a message that says:
    • Successfully rebuilt
  • Go to the Category Manager – Click on Content, Category Manager, Click on the ‘Rebuild’ button.
  • You will see a message that says:
    • Categories tree data successfully rebuilt.
  • Edit all your parent categories and save them.
  • Edit all your sub-categories and save them.
  • Go back to the Article Manager, edit all the articles that were created with the ‘Invalid Parent ID” error message and save them again.

After refreshing your menus, categories you should not have any problems creating new articles anymore. As to the existing articles that had asset_id = 0, those asset_id’s will get populated after you open and save the articles.

As you might guessed allready, the error was generated by the fact that the category tree structure was messed up for some reason. Why? Don’t ask me, I ‘d like to know too!


For more detailed info please preview the following video:

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