WordPress – User Profile

In this article, we will learn how to create a User profile in WordPress.

Click on Users → Your Profile from the left navigation bar.

You will see the screen with  following :

Personal options

  • Visual editor − Tool for create, format, or edit your post. If you disable this setting, you won’t be able to use this option.
  • Admin color scheme − Change the color of your WordPress site.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts :Windows and Linux use “Ctrl + letter”, Mac uses “Command (⌘) + letter”.

    Ctrl + key

    Letter Action
    c Copy
    v Paste
    a Select all
    x Cut
    z Undo
    y Redo
    b Bold
    i Italic
    u Underline
    k Insert/edit link

    Alt + Shift + key

    The following shortcuts use a different key combination: Windows/Linux: “Alt + Shift (⇧) + letter”. Mac: “Ctrl + Option (alt ⌥) + letter”. (Macs running any WordPress version below 4.2 use “Alt + Shift (⇧) + letter”).

    Letter Action
    n Check Spelling (This requires a plugin.)
    l Align Left
    j Justify Text
    c Align Center
    d Strikethrough
    r Align Right
    u • List
    a Insert link
    o 1. List
    s Remove link
    q Quote
    m Insert Image
    w Distraction Free Writing mode
    t Insert More Tag
    p Insert Page Break tag
    h Help
    x Add/remove code tag
    1 Heading 1
    2 Heading 2
    3 Heading 3
    4 Heading 4
    5 Heading 5
    6 Heading 6
    9 Address
  • Toolbar − If you check this box,  the Toolbar will be show when viewing WordPress site.


  • Username − Your user name.
  • First Name/ Last Name − Your first name and last name.
  • Nick name − Nick names if any.
  • Display name publicly as − Check the box if you want your name to be displayed publicly.

Contact Info

  • E-mail − Valid e-mail address.
  • Website −Your web address.

About yourself

  • Biographical Info − Some details about you.
  • New password − Enter a password of your choice.
  • Repeat password − Re-enter the password for authentication. Password must contain 7 characters.
  • Your photo − You can upload an image . This will be your profile picture.

Click on Update Profile to save changes.

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