What new in Joomla! 3.7

When Joomla 3.7 will be released? What are the new features coming?  If you are an extension/template developer you should reserve some time at the beginning of March 2017 to test your extensions/templates.

There are estimated schedules  for the joomla 3.7  releases:

Alpha 1: 20th December 2016
Alpha 2: 10th January 2017
Beta 1: 24th January 2017
Beta 2: 7th February 2017
Release Candidate 1: 21st February 2017
Release Candidate 2: 7th March 2017
Release Candidate 3: 14th March 2017
Release Candidate 4: 21st March 2017
Stable Release: 28th March 2017


There will be three big features beside a lot of minor improvements:

  1. Routing.  It will be an option and you can enable it per component, so you can mix the old and new strategy. If you are using an old extension that does not support the new routing then everything will still work as before.
  2. Custom fields, this is now merged into the staging branch.
  3. Associations Manager, this is a Google Summer of Code project Joomla Core Developers  planning to merge soon.


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