VirtueMart Unit Price

In this tutorial we will show how configure Unite Price in VirtueMart.

  1. Select Unite price in VirtueMart -> Configuration -> Pricing -> Show Following Prices
  2. In Products -> Product Dimensions and Weight   input dimensions and quantity( Units in box), for example : Product Length – 20 cm, Product Packaging – 3 m²(square meters), and Unit in Box – 75
  3. Click Save button
  4. In Product Information -> Cost price put price for the Package( Box) let say $41.

Now  on Product details page in you front shop  you can see  Price / m2     –    $15.03,  that mean Unit price is 15.03 per square meter.

Same procedure you can use for the weight unit price, just input Product Weight – 1kg , Product Packaging 10kg, and Unit in box – let say 20.

In fact it does not show price per product ( unit mean 1 kg, 1 pound, 1 m²… ).

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