Migration from WordPress to Joomla

Today web developers can use Joomla, WordPress and other CMS to design, develop and implement powerful websites. The fact is that  WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system.

It started as a platform for blogging, but  significantly grown over the last years. Today WordPress is a leader  with millions of installations, but it is exposed to  more hacker attacks and spam bots because of popularity.

WordPress vs Joomla

Both Joomla and WordPress offer numerous advantages, capabilities, flexibility  to create a website.  So, why many users convert their WordPress website to Joomla? Clearly, in the PHP/MySQL open source content management system space,  Joomla concede to WordPress only in  popularity, but not in  capability. It offer all necessary features to design, develop and maintain  dynamic and responsive websites from scratch. If you think about switching from WordPress to Joomla,  we can’t recommend or not, this is your individual choose, but we can recommend how to do that.

How to convert WP to Joomla

There are not too many ways how to migrate WP to Joomla. Let talk about couple of them.

1. Manual import from WP to Joomla by copy/past all necessary content. This option maybe a good idea in case a website has 5-30 pages and you have common knowledge about WP and Joomla.
2. You can use online migration tools available on market today. There are some of them:

3. Hiring a specialist.  This variant is much more reliable but not cheap. We are offering customization and development services, as well WordPress migration to Joomla. You can request a price quote here:    ASTemplates Development Services

Regarding templates for WordPress & Joomla, we believe that there is no real difference in difficulty of using templates/themes, but on our experience seems like WordPress themes are more designed with a specific purpose,  usually  presentation or blogging while Joomla templates have more options.  Both CMS have e-commerce extensions.

Good luck in your next projects.