Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?  A landing page is any web page you set up that’s designed to collect traffic and prompt visitors to take a specific action.  There are  some examples how and where to use it:

  1.  Registration page for sales events promoted on social media
  2.  Page showing your business address, contact information, hours of work.
  3.  Page where visitors can sigh up to receive confirmation about next product update or release
  4.  Sales page promoting the benefits of one of your membership levels.

How to use Landing Page

The general idea of landing page is direct traffic from paid advertising, social media posts, or elsewhere to special page you want to.  On this page you can filter unnecessary spam, collect information you need it and redirect to right way.

A landing page definitely doesn’t need to be a standalone website, or even part of one. Your landing pages depends a lot on your business. If you’re promoting one  product, maybe the information you need to tell  on the landing page is sales and contact. However, if your business depends on establishing a strong brand, you will need a main website in addition to any landing pages.

Landing page tips

  1.  People who visit your landing page should enter their email address in order to access the lead promotion.
  2.  When they submit their email address, they automatically receive an email confirmation.
  3.  You can contact with potential customers and offer services or products.
  4. The design and styles of landing pages should refreshed periodically.

The landing page has to be highly efficient at taking them through the final step and converting them into a lead for you to nurture.


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