Joomla vs WordPress

What should you choice for the next web project, Joomla or WordPress?  You should make project schedule and requested tasks. Two CMS platforms are most popular in the world, but each has it pros and cons. So which one is better for you? Let’s talk about what platforms can offer.

1. Ease to install


WordPress is well-known for its  fast installation process.


Joomla is quite simple as well. All hosting companies feature one-click installation software.

Note: Most premium packages have quickstart installation for both platform.

Not big difference for install and start develop project.

2. Appearance and extensions

There are thousands themes/templates and plugins created for WordPress and Joomla, free and paid. This is the market place where only the best products have success.

Conclusion: No winners in this category

3. Content Management

WordPress is the best choice for blog. It has all necessary ctructure for build blog oriented website fast and in high quality. As well with additional extensions you can make WordPress more useful not just for blog.

Joomla was build more like a portal website. The logic of structure is a bit different than WordPress does. It use more SQL building and has more power for big projects.

Conclusion: WordPress more friendly, but Joomla has more power.

4. Support

Both platforms have documentations, forums, and another support options:

WordPress Suport

Joomla Suport

Conclusion: For WordPress more articles, but some of them is outdated. Joomla use forum supot. It happen that some times difficult to find right documentations for Joomla. We want to point, that premium themes for WordPress and templates for Joomla use customized code and in this case support is depended of code creators.

5. Security


Because WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, it’s also means that is the first target for hackers that look for random websites.


Joomla maybe a bit better in security. The developers are working on new updates and fixing security issues on time.But updates some time cause error issues with old versions. We are strongly recommend make back up before updating version of Joomla. We did not see this issues in WordPress.

Conclusion: Joomla has more security options, but fixing bugs in new versions cause issues in old ones. This is the one of the biggest cons of Joomla platforms. WordPress doesn’t have this issues. Most times update doesn’t show any issues.
But logical question should be why? Seems like WordPress just ignore old code conflicts.

6. Multilingual sites

WordPress doesn’t support creating multilingual content out of the box. You have to use plugins that will transform your plain website into a multilingual system and spend a few extra bucks for licenses and subscriptions.

In Joomla you just need to select an additional language for translating the content. It is also possible to  change the admin  languages.

Conclusion: Joomla has built in multi language functionality, WordPress required third party extensions.


Final conclusion: WordPress more comfortable for small to middle web sites with blog oriented usage. As well WordPress seems more easy to use for low IT knowledge users. Joomla is a bit complicated and oriented for database usage and  give power for biggest projects.

The last choose is how comfortable your filling to develop your project. Our suggestion, test both platforms and you will found which one is better for you requirement.

You can download and test Joomla template or WordPress theme:


Good Luck,

AS Team.





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