Joomla UX Improvements

Joomla! 3.6 contains a lot of UX improvements. Now you can find your modules faster, have tasks done by dropdown, improved user management and so much more. Check all of the UX improvements in the full article. Let check it out:

Easier redirection- Choose which menu to redirect to after login

Now you can more easily choose how you want to redirect a user after they login – either selecting one of the available menu items or by adding a url directly like before.

More information on GitHub

Find your module faster! – Menu Item filter in module manager

New Menu Item Filter in the Module Manager allows for quickly finding modules assigned to a specific page.

More information on GitHub

Improved Module listing in Menu item view

Toggle between published and unpublished modules in the Menu Item Module Assignment tab.

More information on GitHub

New Dropdown tasks items

Until now there were simple published/unpublished icons in the tag and categories manager. Since Joomla! 3.6 you can find the same dropdown-toggle as the article manager to set different tasks.

More information on GitHub More information on GitHub

Control on Installation options via plugins

You can now control which extension installation options you want to enable via the plugin manager.

More information on GitHub

Max Level Filter added to com_contact, com_banners, com_newsfeeds and user notes

Get a better overview of your multi-level listings in com_contact, com_banners, com_newsfeeds and user notes by filtering it by a maximum level.

More information on GitHub

Backend main menus are now scrollable

The top menu drop down now introduces scrollbars to remove the issue of menus getting cut off on sites that have a lot of components or menus.

More information on GitHub

Improved Banners Clients view

Adds Counts for published, unpublished, archived and deleted on Banner Clients view.

More information on GitHub

Language installer gets the Joomla! loader

This update adds the Joomla! branded loader image adding more uniformity to the Language installer process.

More information on GitHub

Improved User management: Filter users by Last Visit Date

You can now filter your users in the backend by the date they last visited your website. Which makes it easier for you to manage those accounts if needed.

More information on GitHub

Easier overview of Access Levels

Easily check which Access Levels a user group belongs to. Go to the Viewing Access Levels area in your backend and get the overview you need.

More information on GitHub

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