How to create a Menu Item in Joomla

Once you have created your article and menu you have to link it in the menu of your website, so that your visitors can actually be able to find and see it. To do this you need to use the menu manager.

How to create a Menu Item in Joomla 3

Step 1. Click Menus and then click Menu Manager.

Step 2. Click Menu Items in the left menu

Step 3. Select Menu from the drop-down  menu. ( in our example Main Menu)

Menu Item Joomla

Step 4. Click New button.

Step 5.  Select the type of the Menu Item

joomla Menu Item Type

Step 6.  New pop up window will open.  If you want the new menu to simply open the article select Articles => Single Article.

Step 7.  Click on Select button in Select Article option.

joomla select single article menu item

Step 8. Click on article from the list of all available articles.

joomla select article from the list

Step 9. Create Menu Title (In our example Bedroom # 1) and click Save. Make sure status is Published and access is Public.

Joomla Item Menu Title

That’s it, now we have a new Menu ( or old one for example Main Menu) with Menu Item inside that related to the single Article. Last step to publish it is create a module in the Module Manager ( in case it not created yet). See chapter How to create Module in Joomla.



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