Joomla Template Editor

Joomla 3.x offer very powerful Template Editor, available within the admin panel. The Template Editor allows you to edit your template directly in your browser. This is helpful and in case to fix/edit  small issue could be faster than editing files using ftp. Lets talk about this incredible Joomla! option.

Remove Welcome Panel in WordPress

What is Welcome Panel ? The welcome panel is a informational block in  dashboard page of your WordPress admin area. It contains shortcuts to perform different tasks and helps new users find their way around. In this article, we will talk how to remove the welcome panel in WordPress dashboard.

How to backup Joomla

In this blog we want to talk about one of most common questions, Joomla website backup. After a long time of hard work, your Joomla website finally looks as expected. Of course, you want to keep it safe, and restore in case of damage. Backup will help you restore or move existing Joomla website.